Share Your Story

Share Your Story

“Separation.Tips” wants to hear YOUR story.
If you have separated or if you are divorced, chances are you have a lot to teach others who are currently going through a similar experience.
We like to hear what you’ve learnt, how you’ve grown, or what tricks and tips you found out about in order to survive!

Others can and will benefit from your experience!

If you are willing to share your story, we like to hear from you, using this form below.
What would happen next is explained below the form.


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What happens next?

Once we received your details, we will initially contact you by email with some follow-up questions.
A time suitable to you will then be arranged at which a Skype or Google Hangouts session is organized between you and one of our professional interviewers.

The interview is recorded and can typically take about an hour. You will be doing most of the talking, but our interviewer will help the conversation along by asking simple questions.
You do not have to answer any question, or talk about anything that is uncomfortable for you.
You will be given time to say and talk about anything you feel is important.

After the interview, we will edit the recorded material to the format that is eventually published on our website. Before publishing though, you will receive the edited result for approval.

If during the process there is anything that you feel uncomfortable about, if there is anything you said that you want left out, or if there is anything you would still want to add, we will accommodate this. Even if you have second thoughts about having your story on our site at all and want to withdraw, you can do so! We will destroy the material and you STILL will get the benefit that everyone sharing their story is entitled to, which is:

Lifetime membership to the “Separation.Tips” website
and access to all its content.


Your sharing helps others in ways we may not even be able to comprehend.
Your sharing is a true GIFT to many.

On behalf of everyone benefiting from you sharing your story: THANK YOU !!!